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Our project leaders

Carbon removal

Professor Deanna D'Alessandro

Direct air capture

Professor PJ Cullen

Utilisation of CO2 and its conversion into valuable products

Climate change risk

Dr Nandini Ramesh

Climate modelling for net zero carbon emissions

Dr Tanya Fiedler

Environment impacts on business and markets

Emissions avoidance through demand reduction

Professor Marjorie Valix

Critical minerals

Professor Ali Abbas

Materials and embodied carbon for net zero buildings and construction

Professor Albert Zomaya

Smart Net-Zero Energy Buildings

Professor David Levinson

Evaluation of replacements for ICE vehicles

Reducing the demand for fuel in transport

Emissions avoidance through zero emissions energy

Dr Eason Chen

Alloys for the hydrogen economy

Associate Professor Dries Verstraete

Energy hybridisation research centre

Professor Ben Thornber

Physics informed, data driven wind farm digital twins

Professor Assaad Masri

Production and utilisation of green fuels