The Net Zero Initiative focuses on frontier multidisciplinary research and the translation of world-class technologies and solutions that are urgently required for a sustainable future for our planet and people. The transition to net zero demands a portfolio of technological and scientific solutions that are co-designed across multiple disciplines to carefully integrate economic, social, legal and governance structures to ensure successful implementation.

The White Paper will quantify and measure the technical readiness levels (TRL) of our solutions to develop short, medium and long-term targets for partnership, funding, skills development, solution testing and deployment.

As part of the preparation for the White Paper we held a workshop with our NZI internal community and key external stakeholders to share knowledge and build an understanding of our current and developing suite of solutions across our four themes. Questions that were posed in our workshop included:

  1. What are the current portfolio of solutions to address the ‘how’ of Net Zero transition across our themes?
  2. What is the technical readiness levels (TRL) of our solutions?
  3. What is the visible pipeline of projects for public, private and philanthropic investment?

The launch of the White Paper took place on Friday 8 September 2023 – one year to the day from Australia’s parliament passing government legislation that enshrined a pledge to cut carbon emissions by 43% by 2030 and to net zero by 2050.

Read the full white paper here.

Read the full white paper here.

NZI White Paper Workshop 25th July 2023

NZI White Paper Launch 8th September 2023