The challenge

The challenge

The building sector is responsible for 37% of carbon emissions globally and one-fifth of emissions in Australia. Assessing and minimising the risks and impacts of buildings to climate change requires both economy and property-level solutions for adaptation, mitigation, resilience and regeneration.

The aim of this research pillar is to develop a better understanding of climate change impacts of buildings to enable a transition towards net zero energy and carbon buildings. In doing so, this pillar examines strategies, solutions and technologies for the decarbonisation of the building sector by identifying and evaluating their risks, dependencies, impacts and improvements through several metrics.

Research themes

Under the research pillar Buildings and Climate Change, researchers investigate solutions to help policymakers, building sector professionals, cities and communities to design, use and manage buildings considering climate change impacts. Challenges being addressed involve the following:

  • Buildings, physical assets and properties transitioning to net zero emissions
  • Buildings for climate change adaptation, mitigation, resilience and regeneration
  • Climate impact, risk and dependencies assessment for buildings
  • Decarbonisation transition pathways for buildings and property managers

Funding opportunities

Short-term opportunities may include the City of Sydney Green Building Grant, The University of Sydney and NSW Industry and Community Engagement Seed Fund, Industry Collaboration Program.

Long-term opportunities may include ARC Linkage and ARC Centre of Excellence.

External partners and competition

Potential academic partners:

  • NSW Decarbonisation Innovation Hub
  • University of Melbourne Retrofit Lab
  • University of Regensburg Institute of Real Estate Economics

Potential industry partners:

  • Green Building Council of Australia
  • National Australian Building Energy Rating System
  • Australian Passive House Association
  • Living Future Institute of Australia
  • NSW Government Department of Environment and Heritage

Short- and medium-term goals and KPIs

  1. Establishing industry partnerships to examine and collate the needs in the building sector.
  2. Funding investment for the research themes in the next few years
  3. Development and commercialisation of a decision-making support tool for climate change impacts of buildings
  4. Climate change transition industry guideline and report