The challenge

To relieve energy shortage and improve global sustainability through converting greenhouse gas, (CO2, CH4, and NOx etc) into valuable fuels and chemicals.

Why this research is valuable

The greenhouse gases conversion and utilization are of great ecological & economic significance. Its optimal and wide utilisation could contribute to a more sustainable future and offer an opportunity for Net-Zero Industry transition.

Research themes

  • The development of novel, high-efficient technologies for the selective conversion of carbon dioxide into value-added chemicals such as methanol, ethanol etc.
  • Fabricating economic and durable material for capturing and converting both carbon dioxide and methane into hydrogen and valuable chemicals.
  • Exploring low-emission, sustainable, and stable technologies to produce fertiliser from greenhouse gases.
  • Maximising the carbon credits and economics for GHG reduction processes.

Want to know more?

The outcomes of this research will help the transition to a fully decarbonised economy. Visit the Centre for Future Energy Networks for more information about their Research, and the Team behind it.

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