The challenge

There is a growing concern over the rise in disturbances such as the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, social inequalities, political conflicts, pandemics, and other disasters. Societies and businesses are being affected at an unprecedented rate, and their survival will continuously require well-organised responses and protective measures to offset impacts and build resilience.

Projects are an effective form of organising resources and actions, both reactively and proactively. However, emerging disturbances are highly complex, can accelerate quickly, and often play out on unparalleled scales. As such, the challenges associated with project design differ from business as usual.

The aim of this research pillar is to initiate the paradigm shift for project planning and execution in the face of such grand challenges. This research pillar will be complementary to the research area on the role of organisations in climate crisis, and explore the complexities of decision-making in project conceptualisation, scoping, finance, delivery, and benefit realisation in the context of disturbances.

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