Our vision and mission

Transport accounts for 17% of Australia’s carbon emissions. ​Covid-19 has disrupted travel behaviours ranging from home location choices to the intensity of public transport use. As new patterns and habits emerge, it will be essential to manage our reliance on private cars. ​Comparative global evidence demonstrates that land use patterns, infrastructure investments and supportive policies can dramatically influence the carbon intensity of travel. ​

Our research

Travel demand management is a sustainable transport strategy that aims to reduce the amount of travel we do. ​Our research aims to reduce our use of private automobiles through better policies and technologies.

Our approach

University of Sydney brings together expertise in sustainable transport using perspectives from engineering, business, planning and science. We are rethinking land use patterns in our cities so that we can work, learn, shop, socialise and be healthy without needing to drive as far. We design algorithms to maximise the benefit of the next generation of shared and automated transport services.​ We are exploring the factors, including the built environment, weather and disruption, that influence use of sustainable transport modes which as walking, biking and public transport. ​

Transport Projects

The NZI’s research efforts in the field of Transport are focused on the following research projects: