Alloys for hydrogen economy

The challenge

Hydrogen embrittles metallic components in an unpredictable and catastrophic fashion. Our research aims to develop the mechanistic understanding and material technology solution of hydrogen embrittlement problems to enable safe hydrogen pipeline transmission and vessel storage at scale, which will underpin the future decarbonised society fuelled by green hydrogen.


Why this research is valuable

This research will protect Australia’s $300-billion-worth gas pipeline network to be free of the concern of hydrogen embrittlement and will ensure the safe delivery of hydrogen fuel along the course of achieving net-zero emission.


Research themes

We use advanced microscopy techniques to observe the behaviours of hydrogen atoms in metallic materials and how they initiate failures at small scales. We aim to determine the susceptibilities of individual microstructural features to hydrogen embrittlement for the development of a microstructural design strategy that can lead to the materials with sufficient hydrogen embrittlement resistance for hydrogen economy.


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