The challenge

The project aims to bring together the expertise to find a solution for the complete decarbonisation of the economy through electrification. It also covers the system-level aspects of a fully decarbonised electric power system.

Why this research is valuable

Electrification is the core mechanism of a full decarbonisation of all most sectors:

  • Residential and commercial (gas to electricity)
  • Transportation (electric cars)

Research themes

Fossil fuel generation replaced by renewables and the uptake of distributed energy resources

  • New grid structures
  • Regulatory and market framework

New fuels: Hydrogen super power

Resource scarcity and recycling

Want to know more?

The outcomes of this research will help the transition to a fully decarbonised economy. Visit the Centre for Future Energy Networks for more information about the Research and the Team behind it.

The challenges of a renewable power system – Net-Zero Conference