Providing solutions for hard to abate emissions

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recognises that reducing emissions and even reaching Net Zero Emissions targets will not be enough to avoid dangerous levels of global warming. We must also actively remove historical carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere. Moreover, some greenhouse gas emissions may ultimately prove to be very difficult or costly to abate. Examples include some emissions created by industrial processes such as high temperature heating and cement production, as well as certain agricultural emissions such as the those arising from the breakdown of manure.

Development of low-cost and effective options to remove carbon from the atmosphere will allow us draw down historical emissions and offset hard-to-abate emissions. We will also need effective ways to store that carbon long-term or convert it into useful products. For example, carbon can be stored in the biosphere such as in soils or in geological structures. Alternatively, captured carbon dioxide can be converted fuels that displace the use of fossil fuels.

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Research projects

Carbon capture and storage present distinct technological challenges. Researchers at NZI are working to address these challenges by focusing their efforts on the following research areas:

Beyond Net Zero Carbon Dioxide Removal & Negative Emissions